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Brand Story

Mordenfort History

The inspiration for Mordenfort Furniture was born in rural England in the 1930’s by Morgan & Eden Smith. Morgan witnessed first-hand the hardships that the families in his community were faced with. Families often lived with only one bed per household and owned chairs made from solid wood that provided no comfort or warmth for their families. Eden was plagued by this injustice and believed that everyone had a right to be comfortable in their home. Morgan made it his mission to provide quality furniture for his community regardless of their class or financial status. This wasn’t an easy mission. Morgan & Eden had to work long hours while making use of limited materials. However, their dedication, compassion and determination drove this mission forwards. Morgan gave birth to two sons during the war and as they grew, they became part of this mission and the family business started to evolve.


Mordenfort’s Inspiration & Mission

The company name was inspired by the Smith brothers in loving memory of their mother and father and is a combination of both of their names. Unfortunately, Eden died before the company was fully launched in 1970. Morgan, however, lived until 1990 and played a key part in the creation of the business we see now, and their vision, dedication and unshakeable work ethic continues to shine through in Mordenfort’s mission today. Mordenfort furniture provides everything that you need. Its regal yet modern feel is inspired by 1930’s Britain and the furniture that Eden witnessed in the richer, more affluent homes of this time. But it isn’t just about how it looks. The furniture’s soft to touch feel provides the comfort that you need when managing a busy lifestyle. We believe that no one should have to compromise on comfort or style. Our furniture is designed so that you can unwind and relax whilst still experiencing the luxury that makes you feel good about you. Our mission is to bring sophistication, luxury and comfort to people’s homes at an affordable price. We believe that every individual, couple or family deserves to experience comfort and luxury in their home. Not only that, we believe that your home should be a place where you can feel not only relaxed but proud of where you live. If you are looking for comfort, sophistication and a modern touch in your home then look no further, Mordenfort furniture has everything you need.