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Understand the evolution of the sofa

A living room without a sofa has no soul. The sofa is not only the protagonist that determines the temperament of the living room, but also an important tool to enhance the sense of family atmosphere. Therefore, the sofa, as the core area of ​​home life, accompanies everyone's life. However, if you are still using the sofa 5 years ago or are going to buy an ordinary sofa, then the word "comfort" will probably only be taken out of your life.

When you still fall into the soft and big sponge of an ordinary sofa, and disdain the immersive comfort experience brought by the smart sofa, then you will not be able to imagine what wonderful changes it has taken place!

1. Big data speaks in line with ergonomic principles

The smart sofa is designed with the body structure, shape and living habits of Chinese people, and the design of the sofa is more ergonomic through big data. It can effectively relieve the fatigue of the shoulders, neck, and waist in daily life. No matter what posture, the body can be fully relaxed under the action of natural gravity.

2. Pay more attention to the life needs of special groups

For some special groups, the advantages of smart sofas will be more obvious. For example, in the later stages of pregnancy, expectant mothers often have leg swelling and soreness. Smart sofas can not only adjust the angle flexibly, keep the mother's legs in a reasonable position, promote blood circulation, and avoid varicose veins and other diseases. For the elderly, the smart sofa is more conducive to body flexion and extension, and the help of one-button recovery can also make it easier for the elderly to get up and stand.

3. "Experience is King" to create an immersive smart space experience

As sofas are continuously innovated and given stronger vitality, customers pay more attention to product experience when buying sofas, and make the product's scene-based experience to the extreme

Creating an immersive smart space experience will become more and more important.

In terms of experience, Kezhile Smart Sofa uses a soothing "extremely fast" recovery-accurately finds everyone's exclusive comfortable posture, and creates the convenience of smart life. People only need to record the comfort of their bodies into the APP. Put your heart and soul into life.

With the advent of the 5G era, 5G is the true start of the development of the Internet of Things. With the advent of 5G and the continuous innovation and development of the Internet of Things, people's lives will become more and more intelligent. As an important part of the smart home, the sofa will be given more vitality and have a broader application scenario.

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